Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interlude 2 - The IGCC is Totally Unnecessary - I Hate Being Right!

I just received an email from the AIA Trust entitled: “What You Need to Know - About the Changing Standard of Care”. The email informed me of a newly released “white paper” from the AIA Trust, titled: A Sustainable Standard of Care – Managing Evolving and Innovative Products, Processes, and Performance Standards in Design Delivery, and included a sub-heading titled: Evolutionary Performance Models and Standards: Sustainability and Beyond

Since this is one of the points in my treatise against the IGCC, I was amazed by how appropriate the “white paper” is, and how it reinforces (through inference) what I’ve said about the IGCC’s impact on an Architect's standard-of-care…if you don’t want to read the entire report, just click on this link to go to the specific sub-heading mentioned above:

Once you’ve read the section, I hope you’ll conclude as I have, that the IGCC is totally unnecessary. Surprisingly enough, through their “white paper”, the AIA Trust is actually reinforcing my opinion and advancing it toward “fact”.

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